the spur magazine

#01 espais i xarxes creatives

The Spur. A stimulant and rising project.

Carme Sais


In recent years, networking has been encouraged in various fields, especially in the creativity and innovation fields.

Led by Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani. Girona (Catalonia) and funded by the European Commisson and the Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranean, “The Spur 16/18” is a two-year project that aims to create a European cooperation network focusing on the visual arts and creative industries. In order to stimulate international mobility of artists and creative professionals, five more organizations collaborate in The Spur: Le LAIT Art Centre, Tarn International Art Laboratory (France), Fundació Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma (Spain), Bureau des Arts et Territoires (France), Fondazione per l’arte onlus (Italy), Sputnik Oz (Slovakia).

Why network is important? Expanding a network beyond borders enables people to encounter new environments and get fresh ideas from them.

The Spur has organized two seminars, the first in April 2017 and the second in December 2017, in order to stimulate its participants and to give them an appropriate space in which to share their knowledge and obtained experiences through their collaboration within the project.

Network is important because it enables people in creative fields share knowledge and stimulate their creativity each other. This magazine shows how art projects, including The Spur, tries to contribute to improvement of a society and community, featuring the recuperation of creative spaces in cities and improvement of communication in the field of contemporary art.