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#01 espais i xarxes creatives

Contemporary art, a spur for the recuperation of creative spaces in cities

Producing development through art: from creative cities to ethical communities Massimiliano Scuderi

We have to distinguish between Culture and Creativity; Culture: not industrially organized areas: visual arts, the performing arts and the historic artistic heritage. The creative sphere, on the contrary, applies cultural content to areas of experience in which there are other important aims.
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The school, a post-academic multidisciplinary school, festival and interactive city hub Pablo Hannon

The School is not a school. The School is a festival. It is time to reform the city as we know it. We want to shift the car and ego-centered concept to one that is collaborative and human. A creative disturbance is needed, a new punk is due. In comes a new school called The School. The School will experiment and challenge the educational system as we know it, and while doing so, shape a different, better and happier city, feeding the future with a permaculture of creative and collaborative education.
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Recuperation of abandoned spaces Afra Quintanas

This text introduces some case studies to illustrate a system and a methodology to temporarily activate otherwise empty space for creative and community benefit. It will also feature key ingredients that had been taken into account when translating and scaling that system into the technology. The aim of the presentation is to be specific on highlighting different needs and best practices when designing and delivering particular projects.
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From C to K, from a convent for nuns to a convent for artists Rosa Cerarols

The Konvent is an ancient convent that dates from the 19th century converted into a multidisciplinary art centre. Inside its walls, it displays what cannot be found in a museum or a gallery. It is a space for art.
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Lloc, Memòria i Salicòrnies (Place, Memory and Salicornias) Martí Peran

Lloc, Memòria i Salicòrnies (Place, Memory and Salicornias) is an artistic intervention within the framework of the Life Pletera project which, with the support of the European Commission and other entities and institutions, has recovered a natural area opposite the Medes Islands, between Torroella and L’Estartit, called La Pletera.
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Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts (Granollers, Barcelona) Ester Prat

Granollers is a medium-sized town with a population of 60,000 forming part of Barcelona metropolitan area, which has been hit by the major economic crisis which has particularly affected the southern European countries.
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La Volta Joanot Cortés

Feeling, measuring, modelling and caressing with a child’s curiosity, La Volta begins to take shape as it if were a piece of art. A collective piece made with joy and dedication by several hands working in unison. Since the opening of the 4 buildings in December 2014, this framework for creators, artists and artisans located in Plaça Assumpció (Girona, Catalonia) houses the professional and creative activity of more than 20 artists/groups, who share work spaces and unite their efforts to advance the La Volta project, led by the Associació Cultural Fang, and with the involvement and support of the Girona City Council and its neighbours in Sant Narcís.
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