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Contemporary Art Network

The Spur residencies. 2016 / 2018 Jackie-Ruth Meyer

Nowadays, the majority of artists draw inspiration and source their raw materials from the objects, forms and the issues in their immediate environment. Their research focuses on architecture, the city, the environment, landscape, history, public or private life by social, economic, political, cultural dimensions of the contexts they inhabit, depending on the unique approach of each artist. Artist residencies have also become significant milestones in their artistic career, offering opportunities for research and to create works in a range of situations.
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The Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean in The Spur Xavier Bernard-Sans

The Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean is a territorial entity created as a political cooperation project that currently includes Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Occitania region. Its objective is to create a pole of sustainable development through cooperation, prioritising innovation and social and economic integration within a working horizon of a united, supportive and approachable Europe.
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Contemporary art network Rahmouna Boutayeb

Talking about a contemporary art network in the context of a European cooperation project, we must first address the notion of meetings between different actors in the world of art, but also mobility, sharing, exchange and discoveries that have generated a strong enrichment for us and the emergence of new ecosystems.
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Creative process and territory Romolo Ottaviani

The public space, a place traditionally dedicated to representing univocal and shared community values, presents itself today as a showcase of multiple experiences related to the different practices that coexist on the same territory, connoting it beyond urban definitions or destinations.
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